Jimmy Brings Launches New E-Commerce Platform Via Deity

Deity, a leader in Composable Commerce for fast-growing e-commerce merchants, today announced the launch of Jimmy Brings’ new e-commerce platform built on Deity’s Composable Commerce architecture, including a progressive web app (PWA) storefront.

Australian alcohol delivery company, Jimmy Brings has adopted Dutch technology to streamline customers’ experience when making their purchases via an advanced app or website, building a flexible, enterprise and future-proof platform with Deity at its core to give Jimmy Brings complete freedom and control over its e-commerce services.

Luke Calavassy, head of Jimmy Brings said: “Providing our customers with an amazing experience is imperative for us at Jimmy Brings.

“We are proud to be the largest on-demand alcohol retailer in Australia, underpinned by an intricate logistics business that operates at speed. Despite these complexities, we are focused on making every online interaction localised and seamless for our customers – irrespective of what device they are using.”

With Deity as the core composer, Jimmy Brings undertook this project to build an agile, enterprise, future-ready platform with the goal of taking full control of the entire e-commerce journey. This allows Jimmy Brings to integrate new technologies, allow data orchestration, and create a highly engaging shopping experience.

With the help of Deity’s professional services and strategic advice, Jimmy Brings has migrated from multiple web and app channels to one unified, flexible and easy-to-maintain PWA in only eight months.

Adam Watt, head of engineering at Jimmy Brings said: “By using Deity’s core we have reduced the speed to market for future development and increased our flexibility when it comes to the choices in the marketplace. During our peaks of trade, the Deity core allows us to scale to meet demand and when paired with our own microservices and bespoke solutions, we can now expand and contract easily. Working with the Deity team has been amazing, the platform allows the team to build with confidence and speed due to the design of the core.”

Jimmy Brings’ new integrated platform acts as an example of what the future of web technology will look like – a hyper-flexible platform full of enterprise power with a user experience without limitations.

By using Deity’s unique Commerce Composer, Jimmy Brings can now utilize all the modern SaaS products while combining them with their own, tailor-made and highly customized e-commerce services.

Promotion engine partner, Talon.One is one of Jimmy Brings’ leading SaaS partners that has been integrated via the Deity Composable Commerce platform to execute Jimmy Brings’ digital marketing campaign.

Thorunn Devoy, head of partnerships at Talon.One said: “With Composable Commerce, Jimmy Brings can select best-of-breed commerce components and ‘compose’ them into a custom application built for their specific business needs. We are excited that Jimmy Brings is working with Talon.One and Deity to power personalized and limitless commerce experiences at scale.”

Deity’s co-founder and chief commercial officer Jamie Maria Schouren concluded: “The launch of the Jimmy Brings web experience is a true milestone in the world of Composable Commerce and MACH. It proves without a doubt that with a strong vision it is possible to create an ecosystem that is truly best for the business.

“We made a selection of best in breed technologies, custom made services and combined that all with an excellent front-end experience. Standing in the middle is our Commerce Composer, the true force and ‘secret’ behind successful Composable Commerce projects.

“With the use of Deity technology, Jimmy Brings can take control and orchestrate the entire e-commerce journey. They are now equipped with a platform ready to accelerate their future growth, without limitations.”

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