Consistency is better than speed

Dan Wyson

One day I decided to walk home from work. My office was about 3 miles from home with much of the journey along a beautiful city trail with the remaining mile following a busy roadway. As I walked that last stretch, I had several good neighbors who were driving by, slow down and offer me a lift home. I thanked them but mentioned that my walk home was intentional. They seemed a bit surprised, perhaps because Americans don’t really do a whole lot of walking. Maybe we have become too lazy, or more likely too impatient to enjoy a nice walk.

When I lived in Italy for two years in my youth, we walked all the time. We might drive or catch a bus if we were leaving town but within the city, walking was the norm. On a recent return visit with Launa, we found ourselves four miles out of town, having initially taken a taxi due to poor weather. When it came time to return the sun had come out, so we decided to walk. We love walking and had done quite a bit of it during this trip. In the distance we could see the dome of the Florence cathedral, so we walked towards it. It turned out to be a lovely walk and though it was a little far by American walking standards, in seemingly no time at all we were back home.

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