40% of Ecommerce Traffic in the Last Year Was Bots

How to Protect Your Business

We understand that, as a business owner, you probably don’t want your ecommerce website to be inundated with bots, good or bad. After all, they could be substantially throwing off your analytics, or worse, infiltrating your customer data and selling it to third parties.

Fortunately, Imperva included some tips in the report for businesses that want to shore up their security before the business holiday season. Here they are:

  • Have a plan for the high-volume traffic that comes with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Take extra steps to protect marketing and ecommerce campaigns, as they are likely targets for cyberattacks.
  • Encourage good account credential hygiene and safety¬†with strict password rules and multifactor authentication.
  • Secure all existing website functionalities to ensure there aren’t any gaps
  • Take inventory of all your client and server-side JavaScript-based services¬†so you know when something is out of sorts before it’s too late.

There are also tools like antivirus software, password managers, and VPNs that can help you keep your business as safe as possible from bots, cyberattacks, and security breaches.

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