Five Questions: ACME Capital’s Aike Ho

In this series, Digital Health Business & Technology will interview a wide cross section of digital health investors, from those who work at venture capital firms and at health system and health insurance venture funds, to individual and angel investors. To be considered for this series, email us here.

Aike Ho’s personal journey led her to career in digital health investment. 

“I had nothing to do with healthcare until I got sick. I was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago (in her mid-20s),” Ho said. “My first foray into healthcare in any kind of capacity was being a patient.”

Through her experience in recovery, Ho learned about the ails of the healthcare system and how many professionals in it were burned out. As a serial entrepreneur, she realized a lot of “low hanging fruit” existed that could help improve the system through investment in digital health. She joined with early-stage venture capital firm ACME Capital where she’s invested in the women’s health startup Tia; mental health provider Brightside and skin care startup Curology. 

Ho spoke with us about authenticity in the VC world, fair-weather friends in digital health investing, women’s health funding and more. The interview has been edited for length and clarity. 

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