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The СryptoKG platform, a relatively young player established in 140 countries, announced the expansion of the list of types of investment accounts. The board of directors approved the decision to expand the investment accounts to six types. The main reason for this was that this platform offers its clients to work not only with cryptocurrency, but also with other digital assets: tokenized indices, stocks, metals, commodities, and energy. The company has also repeatedly stated that they do not plan to stop there and, in the near future, this list will also expand.

What trading accounts will be offered to you now?

Customers are usually given several accounts to choose from, which will differ in their functionality, available in its “pluses” and, of course, in the minimum deposit amount. СryptoKG is no exception. The company now offers its customers 6 types of trading accounts.

The account with a minimum deposit of 500 USDT is called Silver – ideal for beginners.

The Gold account has minimum deposit amount of 5000 USDT. The account comes with an additional service package, which includes a trading signal and daily consultations with an analyst.

The Platinum account requires a minimum deposit amount of 25,000 USDT. This account also allows its owner to receive consultations from analysts, but twice a week. The client also receives one trading bot, to train and study trading history.

Next, СryptoKG offersVIP and VIP+ accounts, which are most suitable for already advanced players. The first one includes such features as: leverage 1:10, personal financial advisory, two trading robots, 2% monthly balance accumulation rate. The minimum deposit amount for a VIP account is 100,000 USDT.

The second account includes the same features as the VIP account, but it has 1:20 leverage and the minimum deposit amount is 500,000 USDT.

Real professionals can open a Dragon account here. This account works on the “all-inclusive” principle and allows the owner to get access to five trading bots, personal advisory, 3% accumulation, priority in the execution of any orders and leverage of 1:20.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that СryptoKG has also launched a trial demo account for beginners, which does not require a deposit. Here, they can easily learn how to trade.

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