WHO Director-General’s opening remarks – Update on Pandemic Fund – G20 Joint Finance Health Ministers Meeting


Good morning from Geneva, and thank you for the opportunity of joining you.

I commend you all, especially Indonesia and Italy, for your leadership during this critical period in establishing the Pandemic Fund.

I also thank Saudi Arabia for beginning the relay of discussions on pandemic financing under its G20 presidency in 2020.

This new financing mechanism will be a crucial building block of a stronger global health security architecture.

Importantly, the fund has been designed with inclusive and effective governance, and operating arrangements with high standards of transparency and accountability.

We thank our partners at the World Bank, with whom we have worked so closely in the start-up of the fund.

I am pleased to have nominated Dr Mike Ryan, the Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, to chair the fund’s Technical Advisory Panel. Mike brings a quarter century of experience and expertise, and is one of the most globally recognized and respected leaders in emergency preparedness and response.

I have urged the board to work with urgency to issue the first call for proposals as soon as possible, and ideally by the end of this year.

We urge all G20 countries to work together to ensure the fund is adequately capitalised with additional financing, rather than diverting funds intended for the health sector.

I thank Indonesia and Italy, who have both mobilised additional resources for the fund, and I thank all countries that have contributed, especially in the current difficult economic environment.

The next pandemic will not wait for us. We must move with urgency to close the gaps in global preparedness that put all countries at risk.

Terima kasih.

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