We should think more about Return on Life than Return on Investment

Connie Mason Michaelis

The nicest thing happened recently — actually, two things.

First, I received a handwritten note in the mail from a friend who regularly reads my column. During election season, the mailbox is full of nothing but political ads, so I was thrilled to see an actual letter.

And secondly, my friend included a fascinating article from the Arizona Republic titled “How to boost your ROL,” by Harvey Mackey.

A bonus delight was that Mackey started his article by quoting a favorite motivational speaker of mine, Nido Qubein. I had the opportunity to meet Nido when he came to Topeka years ago to speak for the annual meeting of Sales and Marketing Executives.

Qubein advises, “ROI is what we get back from investing money; ROL is what we get back from investing in ourselves.” So, if ROI is Return on Investment, ROL is Return on Life.

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