Airbank changes its name to Friday Finance

The Berlin-based fintech Airbank has changed its name to Friday Finance today.

The finance management software started as a platform to help businesses save time and money by providing a solution focused on bank connectivity and cash flow management. The first efforts were concentrated on ensuring visibility to give SMBs control of their financial management.
Following their $20 million Series A funding, the founders understood that the company name began to narrow the scope of their product, drawing comparisons to financial tools and services they aim to disrupt.

Over the last few months, Airbank has expanded on its initial vision. In 2022, the fintech added to its product offering, introducing pre-accounting, forecasting, payments and financing applications, among others. The emphasis shifted from granting visibility to full control of financial management, by automating as many tasks as possible.

“After reflecting on the amount of time and money consumed by dealing with traditional banks, exchanges with external accountants, disjointed systems, and outsourced managerial functions, we found multiple avenues we could explore beyond visibility of your cash position”, said Chris Zemina, co-founder CEO. He adds, “Friday Finance is here to continue the journey Airbank started.”

“Friday symbolizes conquering the week, a new day for all the time lost in the past with manual processes”, says Patrick Neuhaus, co-founder and CTO. “Friday Finance brings clarity to the value we want to deliver to our users; we move forward with the new name, but with the conviction of our original goal.”


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